Hello there!

I’m David. In my spare time I am studying for an MSc in Technology Management with  the Open University, and I mainly use this blog to practice writing between modules.

I have been an OU student since 2009, taking a mixture of software engineering and technology management modules at both undergraduate and now postgraduate level. Studying whilst working has been a very rewarding experience, giving me a real-world context to frame what I am learning about, and also giving me the chance to try out theoretical concepts practically. I would recommend this mode of study to anyone.

I was interested in computers from a young age and have fond memories of copying BASIC programs out of magazines into my Commodore 64 during the early 90s. Now I get paid to do this professionally, having worked on a number of varied projects as an embedded software engineer. I have a real passion for problem solving, and particularly enjoy working at a level close to the hardware.

For the past few years I have been working in the aerospace industry, and feel proud to have contributed to moments such as this one:

Hope you enjoy your stay.